Computer Techonology Training:
Home Study Program

MedVoc Rehabilitation is now offering the opportunity for claimants to take part in a customized, intensive home study computer training program. This didactic in-home program is convenient as it can be initiated at any stage of the medical recovery and/or vocational phase. These expedited programs allow claimants to complete computer training courses within weeks. Claimants are provided with a laptop computer as well as one-on-one supervision by a MedVoc Rehabilitation computer training monitor. Claimants will be assessed on their computer skills and then be placed in one or more of the following classes:

Microsoft Office

  • Beginning & Intermediate Word
  • Beginning & Intermediate Excel
  • Beginning & Intermediate Outlook
  • Beginning Powerpoint

Other computer skills taught

  • Internet Browsers (Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome)
  • Keyboarding


  • No delayed enrollment
  • No classes are cancelled
  • One on one instruction provided to meet all students learning needs.